Why be pro UX?

It matters. BIG time! Here's why:

So, why does UX matter to your business?

User experience is JUST as important as the visual identity of a digital platform. If no one can interact, or enjoys interacting with your website or app, then its good looks are all for nothing.

Our attitudes towards what looks good needs to be redirected to what feels good, what captures an audience and holds their attention. An attentive audience is an audience that can remain with you for life.

For small businesses, retail enterprises and long-term projects, UX is vital to ensure customer loyalty. This gives you a better ROI – returning, faithful customers increase your conversion rates and help you build a sustainable business.

For complex sites, it is the process that helps me pin down your end-goal and make sure we’re providing an intuitive user journey.

Customers care about UX. A lot.

When a customer or client reaches your site/product/app, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression. In those few short seconds, you can gain or lose a customer for life.

Customers want to feel valued. They want their presence appreciated. The experience they receive, at the hands of your business, can either meet their needs or fall short. The latter is not an option for healthy growth.

I enjoy putting the customer in the front and center of all my design work. After all, it is their opinion that will make the difference.

Why am I a UX Designer?
I'm always learning new things.

The only limits in life are the ones you create in your mind. Being involved in UX requires a visual and pragmatic mind, a desire to achieve real business value and results.

It makes me feel like a detective.

As a problem solver, I’m always on the hunt for current and future issues that might arise. Think Donna Paulsen. Or wait... Elizabeth Keen!

It’s exciting and evolving work.

I love focusing on projects that challenge me. Being a UX designer means I can never be bored as I’m solving new and interesting problems on a daily basis.

I’m making a difference.

Because UX exists around the user, my work is highly personal, unique and gratifying. A simple button change can be making all the difference to someone’s life.

Still unsure if you need my help?

Is the bounce rate of your website too high?

Are your client’s speaking positively about you?

Do you want to move towards better engagement?

Are you actually making money?

(Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't be motivated to improve your UX. Afterall, that's why you're here.)

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