Santa Shoebox

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For the past 4 years I’ve been leading the Santa Shoebox project as a company effort. The first year I took over the project, I’ve managed to triple the pledges from 5 in 2012, to 14 in 2013. The bar was raised each year and we managed to exceed our goal each and every time. In 2014 we were able to collect 43 boxes from staff, and 69 in 2015!

Santa Shoebox Project
Kick off: August 2018

HTML, CSS, Bulk mails
Client's satisfaction

In FY17, we decided to do things very differently, and tackle the bull by the horns! I had big plans for the project and teamed up with the Graphic Designer and Copywriter to make sure the campaign engages with our colleagues to drive participation, not just from colleagues, but sponsors from management as well. Between the 3 of us, we got both Cape Town offices involved.

We created posters, sent promo (HTML) emails, pledged on behalf of people, got sponsors, managed all the admin in between and still bought, filled and wrapped more than 70 boxes for staff who made a financial contribution instead. This was our most successful year to date – our goal was 100 boxes and we managed to drop off 134 pledged Santa Shoeboxes in time to help contribute to making 100 000 little hearts happy :)

I also managed to get a Section 18A receipt for tax-deductible donations from the company for the CSI budget allocation to buy more boxes.

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