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At the time, UX as a concept, was still very new to the company. We had no process to follow to include UX as part of any development project. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to practice every single part of UX while coming up with a process that will work for us.

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Stakeholder meetings, user recruitment, user testing.
Client's satisfaction


We don't have a UX process that fits into the SDLC. I wanted to apply the entire UX process to a real life project to use as a base of the UX process that was about to be born.


I used this project as a practicing opportunity to recap the UX Design course I attended at UCT (2016 - 90%). I worked through the modules and applied the entire process to a real life user study.

22 page report
Includes the methodology, findings & recommendations.
200+ submitted surveys
49 of these users became part of the User Research Group.
68.8 SUS Score
Not bad, but a good UX should score at least 70.
5.8% NPS increase
When UX became part of the process.

The process

I started by gathering the requirements and then kicked off with a stakeholder meeting to get a good idea of where they think users are struggling with the system. We decided to only address the debit order service this time around as it is the core of our business and majority of our clients use it.

We asked users from Cape Town to fill out a screener questionnaire and then handpicked the users we’d like to test with, based on what service they use. 2 users came in to do the test with us and we received feedback that is incredibly valuable to improve the user experience. We rewarded each participant with a R300 Woolworths voucher to say thank you for their participation.

After the project was done, I delivered a comprehensive user study report containing detailed information on the process that was followed, the results thereof as well as any recommendations to improve the overall usability of the system.

I noticed that there were a few consistent complaints, but most of the customer frustrations we're tiny things that we're easy to fixed. Our NPS is the best in the group for South Africa and it already increased by 6% since we addressed these issues.

This report is available on request :) Contact me

A new UX Process; optimised SDLC.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit UX into the process of development, but with a little bit of proactive planning, users are guaranteed a better user experience. Below I put together the full life cycle of my UX process.

It may sound like a lot that must be done, but not all the steps are always necessary. The most important of these steps is just to get user feedback. Any feedback is better than no feedback, even if you just test with 1 user.

Prioritise backlog items
Prioritise the backlog and collaborate with Stakeholders to put together a list of requirements for the top priority. (Ongoing, re-evaluate every week).
Ideation & wireframing
Sketch wireframes based on the ideation session to present the proposed user path to business.
Create prototypes
Create prototypes to test with stakeholders (meeting) as well as users (usability studies, focus groups, site visits, user interviews, surveys, etc).
UI design
Take feedback from both into consideration when collaborating with the graphic designer to update the prototype with details.
Present to business for feedback. Although aesthetics play a big part, ease of use of the interface is what ultimately determines how good the overall user experience is
Start development life cycle
Repeat the testing process if necessary otherwise prepare all the assets and start the development life cycle.
The XD department now collaborates globally :D View new experience

Along with UX Researchers & Architects, I played a vital role in consolidating UX processes globally and to create templates for all XD colleagues.

This usability study formed the base to create a consolidated Global UX Process & Templates (Coming soon) for everyone. It save time when sending out XD communication and to be sure it’s consistent in tone of voice & look & feel.

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