Landing page

UI (Web) design | Marketing

We rely on marketing landing pages a lot when sending out campaigns to market. Sage has a very specific set of guidelines to use to make sure landing pages across the globe are consistent.

I can proudly say that our landing pages are always on brand and it ticks all the boxes required by global marketing.
Sage Pay

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eloqua
Client's satisfaction


We wanted to show the Sage Pay value prop to our customers so we decided to display a savings calculator on landing pages so customers can see for themselves how much they’ll save at the end of the day if they do their payments through us.

We are a lot cheaper than the banks when it comes to transaction costs and the calculator makes the savings look very attractive to potential customers.

I received some help with the JavaScript after I made sure the look and feel are coded according to our brand guidelines as well as our users’ needs using HTML & CSS. I’ve been maintaining the scripts whenever pricing updates need to happen.

Eloqua form integration

The complexity of this project goes way beyond the simplicity of this screen! I also manually integrated the Eloqua webform onto the website (for look and feel reasons) to record marketing leads.

When the user submits their details, it gets recorded in Eloqua which then speaks to our internal lead system to make sure all the leads are captured successfully on Sage’s side (Eloqua) as well as on our side (local lead system).

I’ve probably created 30 odd pages like this already, see an example here.
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